shaker square

This Is Shaker Square Episode 4: The Present

On this episode, we move from Shaker Square’s past… to its present. We hear from the Square’s current owner, Peter Rubin of The Coral Company, about why the Square is 100% leased for the first time in 15 years — and about what’s still not working on the Square. Also, Donita Anderson of the ever-popular North Union Farmers Market; Joe Dawson and Brandon Chrostowski of Edwins Restaurant and Leadership Institute; patrons at Dewey’s Coffee Shop; and Cleveland Police Fourth District Commander Brandon Kutz.

This Is Shaker Square Episode 2: Builders

On this episode, the mysterious Van Sweringen brothers, builders of Shaker Square and Shaker Heights. Who were these self-made rich guys who never married and hated “girl food”? What were their goals for Shaker Square? Plus, architectural designer Ben Herring helps us unpack an early planning document about the Square.

This Is Shaker Square Episode 1: Believers

Inhabited by people for more than 13,000 years, the area that’s now Shaker Square has a strong heritage of attracting believers and dreamers. This episode explores native settlement up through the arrival (and eventual abandonment) of the area by the Shaker religious sect, which embraced celibacy and racial and gender equality. Features interviews with Dr. Brian Redmond of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Dr. Ware Petznick of the Shaker Historical Society.