8: Keith Buckhanon on Piano

In Episode 7, we heard a bit from 16-year-old Keith Buckhanon.

He’s one of Ryan Easter’s students in the Notes 4 Notes program at the Broadway Boys & Girls Club. He lives right around the corner from the building.

Keith's a quiet kid. He’s got a shaved head, wears a big black hoodie and boots. He’s been playing since he was 7 years old, practicing at home on his mom’s piano. He comes to Notes 4 Notes just about every day Ryan’s here.

In this episode, he talks about what he's working on, and why music is so important to him. Be sure to listen to the podcast (above and on iTunes) to hear Keith playing!


Today I was working on the laptop over there. Nothing really too serious, but I wanted to make something hot. Something that nobody ever heard before. That’s always my goal: something people can dance to, enjoy when they're down.

I love music because it’s been a big help in my life and I’m dedicated to it. I struggle a lot. Like I used to struggle in school and I just think that music changed my life. Because like when I be down, I can go take out my anger on that instead.

It’s a lot of things used to make me angry. Kids would try to bully on me. Stuff like that. They tried to bully me because I was the shortest one in class or not popular enough.

But lately there’s no point in taking it out on other people. If you’re gonna do something, if you’re gonna get upset, take it out on something positive, not negative.

Growing up, I was raised around like, you know, old school people. So that’s all the type of music I’d listen to. I like Motown people and stuff like that. My favorite producer is an old producer, Quincy Jones. He’s my top producer because him and Michael Jackson just used to work magic. And they produced the biggest selling album of all time. So I look up to him.

I hope I'll be the best one day, be known. Just to show people that struggling ain’t nothing and you can make it out of it. And to take care of my family.