5: Power Wheels in the Park

It’s a crazy warm day in February, in Luke Easter Park - on 116th and Kinsman. 60 degrees, a little overcast, no wind.

Tania Griffin, 33, and her two-year-old son are out for the afternoon. She follows him around as he motors his tiny, army-green truck over random twigs and ruts in the grass.

"He’s riding around on his four wheeler, power wheels," she says, "and he loves it. I love it too because it keeps him occupied. But he’s going to have a fit when it’s time to go. Once that battery runs out, we’re gonna have issues."

She calls out to encourage him.

"It’s OK. There you go! There you go, try it one more - "

The power wheels gets stuck on a branch.

Griffin laughs. "There you go! You gotta turn your wheel, go on!"

The truck pops free.

It’s pretty much the first chance he’s had to ride it outside since Christmas, she says, when he got it.

"What he’s doing is he’s learning his surroundings," she says. "He’s also learning how to operate his toy far as maneuverability versus me trying to coach him."

Griffin has been working at a security company for a little over a year. She likes it - not too easy, not too hard.

And she has a very distinctive hairstyle: a red mohawk, with just a hint of white in the front.

"It’s different," she says, with a laugh. "It’s very different. I haven’t seen many people with the actual color red mohawk from front to back but it’s the best."

So far, she's loving motherhood.

"This is my first time being a mom so it’s exciting for me," she says. It’s very educational for me - something new every day, I learn being a parent and to me it’s like the best feeling in the world.

"I used to always say 'oh no I’m not having kids! No, no, no. I’m like everybody’s babysitter, but to have my own was something different."

Her son gets stuck in the  mud - a burnout without the smoke on his tires.

Griffin calls out as he maneuvers forward and back.

"There we go! Put your feet up, put your feet up!"

She pauses.

"It’s exciting, it really is. Being a mom. I would tell anyone in the world."